Science project, Battery magnet

By | July 22, 2019

These days I am refreshing my old science and electronics knowledge for my son’s school project.
This week I have created a simple battery magnet for him,
To Crate mini electromagnet all you need is three things
1) Nail
2) Batteries
3) Copper wire ( found some wires after removing its Insulation got a copper wire like showing in the image )

Using copper wire, wrap the nail some of the copper wire needs to be exposed to connect battery like bellow image

Then I tried to connect the battery and using fingers pressed both sides,
Caution! : Feel like my fingers are burning, remembering my school lesson now !!! While passing the electricity in wires heat generated and it will increase…

Added One more step in between

Using small piece tape attached both copper wire to battery, like below image i have added piece tape on both side

After attaching the copper wire on both sides, nail became a magnet

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