Database version control (DBV)

By | June 28, 2019

While working with a team using Git I can manage the files, Following image shows the working architecture which I created, Of course, I have to give thanks to my Previous company CTO: TOM,

With this architecture files, Testing and group work can be done without any problem, but the problem I faced in Database, Most of the times database newly created tables which created in between project may be missed or not moving properly to the live and stage servers in group work, As usual, I started to search of version control of database, there I found DVB Database version control

Installation Steps is very easy: you can download it from

I have Downloaded and store


So I can access like

Make sure you added gitignore properly
Enter your database access information in the config.php

How to use

Following is a guide on how to use dbv.php during all four of the usage scenarios:

Scenario 1: You’ve created a new schema object (table, views, stored procedure, etc) and want to share it with your team.

Scenario 2: Someone in your team has created a new schema object, and you want to update your database to include the new object.

Scenario 3: You have made a generic change on the database (altered a table, dropped some records, pretty much anything) and want to share the changes with your team.

Scenario 4: Someone in your team has made a change to the database, and you want to apply the same change to the database on your machine.

They have good Documentation it explains how to push and alter or drop

The One which I installed

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