Science project, Battery magnet

These days I am refreshing my old science and electronics knowledge for my son’s school project. This week I have created a simple battery magnet for him, To Crate mini electromagnet all you need is three things 1) Nail 2) Batteries 3) Copper wire ( found some wires after removing its Insulation got a copper… Read More »

IP Mapping in Firewall Fortigate 100E

Login to Firewall Fortigate 100E Under Policy and Objects Click on Virtual IPs Create new -> Virtual IP Enter the Name for the Connection Select the Interface (ISP) Enter the External IP address Enter the Mapped IP address Enable the Port Forwarding Enter the Service Port number to connect Save and exit Go to the… Read More »

Database version control (DBV)

While working with a team using Git I can manage the files, Following image shows the working architecture which I created, Of course, I have to give thanks to my Previous company CTO: TOM, With this architecture files, Testing and group work can be done without any problem, but the problem I faced in Database,… Read More »